I manage projects for web and content, and help companies develop their brand in social media. Location independent.


This means I help companies work with content to develop their brand in social media, from setting a strategy to execution. I also manage web, design and content projects. I've been freelancing since 2016, prior to that I worked as a consultant at a corporate communications agency. You can get the full background scoop on LinkedIn. If you want to work with me, collaborate or just nerd out about project management over a coffee, let me know.

I'm location independent, but I regularly come back to Sweden and I'm happy to travel where (and when) needed.

If you want to get to know me better, head on over to my personal blog, at sannablogs.com.



Social media

Chatting about the latest trends in online communications is fun, but my strength is understanding the specific needs of a company and help them plan where to focus their attention. I'm also happy to manage the day-to-day responsibilities with planning, producing and follow up content.


Project Management

Project/Production Management is something I'm very passionate about. I've managed projects for web design, development of websites (mainly Episerver and WordPress), digital annual reports and content productions.



Content Production

I produce content in both Swedish and English, I take on photography assignments and editing in Photoshop, and if needed, I can also do basic video production and video editing. 


Social Media Manager at an Careereye (employer branding startup)

Worked with Careereye for eight months as their Social Media Manager. I helped develop their strategy for social media, managed the blog (recently named one of Swedens best company blogs) and other social channels. I also produced a special podcast for their collaboration with Sime (Leadership Lounge).

Online Communications Manager at a global hygiene company

Filled in for a position as Online Communications Manager in the Corporate Communications team. My responsibilities were to manage the website, write and edit articles, manage social channels and support other web managers in the organization.

Production/Project Manager for a digital annual report

Worked as a sub-contractor for Comprend in managing the production of a digital annual report for a Swedish company. I was responsible for communication with the client as well as the internal team (account management, design, and development), while also managing the content migration, support for the editors, and making sure the project stayed on track with time and budget.


Find me on social media, use the form below, or send me an email at sannastefansson@gmail.com.